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connect-2-consumer's podcast

Oct 26, 2021

A great example of a field study was orchestrated by Joe Perlaky, Executive Director for the Maumee Valley Growers (Ohio). This week, Bridget and Joe discuss the findings of their 2021 study. Purchases were made many times in 5-7 seconds and most often by women. Compared to the older customers, the younger age...

Oct 19, 2021

Bridget has Joe Perlaky, Executive Director for the Maumee Valley Growers (Ohio), as a guest this week. He orchestrated a great example of a field study earlier this spring. Growers, wholesalers, and retailers can benefit from what Joe and his grower/retailers did and saw. With a Specialty Crop Block Grant, the group...

Oct 12, 2021

Dr. Pat Huddleston is back on the show this week to discuss some recent research on the first luxury or splurge item that Americans purchased during COVID. With 360 responses, they found the most frequently mentioned category was entertainment (e.g. video games and puzzles).  Nearly 10% bought something for the home...

Oct 5, 2021

Bridget and Trey Malone surveyed a national sample of 1350 consumers last November about their plans for holiday horticulture purchases. What they learned may help you market plants, trees, garland, wreaths and more in 2021. Bridget shares four take-home messages from that study.